What is nail styling?

Czym jest stylizacja paznokci?

What is nail styling? Well-groomed hands and nails are our business card. They can make a good first impression, give you confidence and improve your mood. No wonder that nail salons have become quite a common element of the urban landscape. Many stores with nail accessories fascinate with colorful varnishes and shiny decorations. What is nail styling and what are its types? Can you do it yourself or is it better to leave it to the professionals?

What is nail styling?

The concept of nail styling usually includes a series of treatments in the field of nail care and decoration. Such treatments may include removing cuticles and shaping the nail plate (for example, by trimming or filing). But it is not everything. Styling includes not only cosmetics for natural nails (such as polishing the plates), but also extending them with UV gel or acrylic, as well as painting them with varnish.

Mixed and regular, colored and colorless varnishes are used for styling. In addition, nails can also be decorated by painting patterns on the nails and pasting decorative elements, such as small rhinestones. They can be ground or additionally polished with special sand. There are many possibilities. So every lady can choose the type that best suits her lifestyle and preferences.

Nail art – care above all

A comprehensive treatment should be the basis of every manicure. It is important to properly remove protruding skins, profile the board with a suitable file and smooth the surface.

Keep your hands and nails properly moisturized. In every nail cosmetics wholesaler you will easily get special care products in the form of creams, lotions or concentrated serums. The serum with a brush makes it easier to spread the preparation on the nail plate and the cuticles around it. Vitamin supplements in the form of varnishes also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the nails. Thanks to regular care, nails become stronger, do not break and are better decorated.

UV gel nail extensions

What to do if, despite regular care, nails are not strong enough? And what if they do not want to grow to the length we dream of? In this case, they can be extended.

There are many methods to choose from, the most popular of which are gluing on acrylic nails and extending the nail plate with a hybrid gel for nail extension. The latter approach has recently become particularly popular. The mixed gel is applied to the natural nail plate protected with a special primer (base), hardened under the influence of ultraviolet lamps, which initiates the polymerization of the gel.

Nails extended in this way can be given any shape. The new gel sheets are durable and resistant to cracking, giving the impression of beautiful, healthy nails. Gel nails are often the basis for styling mixed nail polishes, although mixed gels are also available in colored versions that do not require painting.

Which nail polish to choose?

Until recently, the choice of varnish was based on the color or type of gloss. Available in transparent and colored paints, pastel or bright colors, with a metallic sheen or an elegant matte finish. However, surfaces covered with ordinary varnishes are not very durable, and the entire styling process must be repeated after a few days.

Polymer hybrid varnishes do not contain solvents in their composition, thanks to which they are more durable than ordinary varnishes. The high level of pigmentation allows you to get very juicy, vivid colors. Also, the effect of such a manicure lasts about 3 weeks. However, hybrid varnish requires the use of a special UV base and a protective layer, the so-called In addition, the curing of the varnish is triggered by the radiation of UV lamps. You also need to remember about special procedures for removing such varnishes. A properly made mixed varnish manicure will not damage the natural nail, and its durability will save you time and money. After all, there can be much less visits to the styling salon!

Japanese manicure – a minimalist style for the demanding

Japanese manicure is the perfect solution for women who, for various reasons, do not want or cannot wear long, colorful nails. It is care combined with minimalist styling. To perform such a manicure, the stylist removes the cuticles, moisturizes the nails in a special bath, and then polishes the nail plate with special stones. Nails look very well-groomed and healthy. Japanese manicure is often supplemented only with delicate colorless or nude varnishes, often enriched with vitamin complexes.

Can nail styling be done at home? Of course, basic manual skills are required, at least when it comes to decorating the nail plate. However, every woman can certainly take care of herself. Nail products are available at pharmacies and pharmacies. You can decorate beautiful, healthy and well-groomed nails yourself or rely on the stylist’s experience.

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