How to say goodbye to your beloved cat?

Jak pożegnać ukochanego kota?

How to say goodbye to your beloved cat? Although some cats can live a really long time, there will come a time when our friend may be gone. Life is relentless, so we should keep it in the back of our minds. It is necessary to come to terms with the unpleasant fate as soon as possible and prepare accordingly when this sad moment comes.

How can we tell when a cat is dying? How to help a cat before it dies? How to cope emotionally after losing a pet? What should we pay attention to when burying a cat? To get answers to these questions, we invite you to read the article below, which will surely dispel any doubts of our readers.

How can we tell when a cat is dying?

It is worth realizing that cats are not aware that their end is coming – the same is true for other animals. In practice, this means that he will not come and inform us that he is saying goodbye to us. Despite everything, there may be some signs that often prove that this difficult time is approaching. So how can we tell when a cat is dying?

The pet can then be apathetic, avoid people and hide in corners at the same time. This is directly related to the fact that in such moments he will be sensitive to stimuli, at the same time he will try to avoid them. Perhaps he will also avoid us, he will not crave our touch. However, it depends on what kind of animal we are dealing with. It may turn out that the pet will be unusually looking for contact with us. So let’s look for really subtle signals. Only then can we be sure that this unpleasant moment is coming. As can be inferred, while it is problematic to simultaneously determine when a cat is dying, based on certain signals, we can guess that this moment is imminent.

How to help a cat before it dies?

We already know what agony our cat can look like. It is worth realizing that death is a process that can take up to several days – this is when the cat’s behavior changes the most. What’s more, the vital functions of the animal also deteriorate.

Can we help our friend in this situation? Of course! First of all, let’s make sure that the animal leaves in the best possible conditions. We cannot defeat death – no matter how hard we try, it will come anyway. Nevertheless, we can ensure that the cat leaves in comfortable conditions. Contrary to appearances, it is very important to him. Cats do not understand that they are dying and that their death is final. Despite this, he realizes that something is wrong with him. In practice, this means that the cat senses changes in the body and knows that they are negative. If he is also in pain, then he may be confused and scared, even terrified of what is actually going on.

How to cope emotionally after losing a pet?

There is no denying that for many people the death of a cat is not something that allows you to immediately go to the agenda. For a long time, he was a family member to whom we became attached and with whom we spent a lot of time. No wonder that it is so difficult for us to come to terms with the fact that a pet almost immediately disappears from our lives. First of all, we have the right to experience emotions due to the fact that the cat died.

We can cry, be sad – it’s completely natural. You shouldn’t keep it inside. For many people this may be quite strange, but due to the fact that we spent a lot of time with the cat, we became attached to it. If we find it extremely difficult to deal with this situation, then let’s not be afraid to ask for help from specialists. Feeling your sadness alone is the worst thing we can do. An alternative solution may be to take care of another creature. While we may not be ready to bring a new cat into the house, after a while the pain will lessen.

What should we pay attention to when burying a cat?

The burial of a cat is certainly a very painful and problematic event. If a cat is euthanized, its body can be kept at the vet’s office. It will later be transported to a recycling facility. For your own peace of mind, it may be better to take your sleeping cat with you. In a situation where there is a specialized cemetery for animals near us, then the quadruped can be buried there.

An alternative solution that is becoming more and more popular is an animal crematorium. There the body is cremated. After all, we can get the ashes in the urn. We can choose between individual or collective cremation, and its price depends primarily on the weight of the animal, as well as on which option is chosen from the ones listed above. Under no circumstances should you bury a body in a public place – you may be fined for doing so.

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