Air conditioners


Air conditioners: In order for air conditioners to effectively care for your health, you need to take care of them. Air conditioners are durable devices, and when you buy them, you have the right to expect a long life. But this statement is true only under one condition – timely maintenance. Improper assembly and the fact that the equipment works in a rather harsh environment can lead to failure. Regardless of the model you buy, large amounts of polluted air and temperature fluctuations over time can clog the interior space and reduce efficiency.

Air conditioning maintenance

Specialists selling air conditioners also provide services such as installation, maintenance and repair of these devices. By concluding a service contract, you will protect yourself against significantly increased costs in the event of a serious failure in the future. In order not to take extreme measures, it is not necessary to limit technical possibilities in the first place. Dust, poplar fluff and burning harm not only health, but also equipment. The air conditioner requires technical inspection by a specialist, and the replacement of the air conditioning system filter should be carried out at least every three months.

Maintenance of the air conditioning system includes the following tasks:

  • Split system services.
  • Diagnostics and repair of split air conditioners.
  • Maintenance of VRV and VRF systems.
  • Come on Freon.

Why do you need air conditioning system maintenance?

Air conditioners that are not maintained to a high standard can quickly lose their efficiency and the ventilation of rooms is not satisfactory. In fact, air conditioning service is not a repair, but a preventive measure that can extend the life of your air conditioner as well as help keep it running smoothly. In addition, there are harmful external factors such as street dirt, dust clogging the outdoor unit, reducing operation and efficiency.

Note also the high levels of paper dust in office environments, and in some cases tobacco smoke particles can also negatively affect indoor units by simply accumulating in them. Self-maintenance of the air conditioner is inconvenient, and the work is also very dirty. Precautions should also include switching the air conditioner from summer mode to winter mode and vice versa. In addition, the maintenance of air conditioners includes actions to eliminate plant failures if it is carried out by a third party.

Preventive air conditioning maintenance

The company that installs the air conditioner is responsible for the warranty, maintenance and repair according to the contract. Professional maintenance not only gives you the opportunity to extend the life of the equipment, but also ensures the necessary air flow and quality parameters in the most rational and energy-saving way. Timely repair of the air conditioner is a joy to use the equipment, which will avoid repairs and replacements.

Air conditioning maintenance includes checking and diagnosing equipment, temperature parameters, cleaning filters and many other necessary procedures that will significantly reduce the likelihood of failure. Maintenance specialists take into account the type of equipment, age and frequency of use. Maintenance of split systems includes checking the equipment for damage and all necessary technical parameters, as well as cleaning, repair and removal of identified defects.

Ordering an air conditioner repair service is simple:

To order an air conditioner repair, just call the company that sells, installs and checks these devices. If you want to perform this type of service right away, experts will answer and advise you on interesting questions or accept orders.

What does the split air conditioner repair service include?

Air conditioning maintenance includes an external visual inspection for mechanical damage. Check the temperature conditions, check the pressure in the cooling system and top up freon. As well as checking the operating current of the compressor, cleaning filters and possible repairs.

Repair of split air conditioners

The heat exchanger is the receiver of the cooling or heating medium (mixture of water, antifreeze) and is the final element of the air conditioning system. A fan coil unit contains a cooler with a fluid flowing through it, placed directly in front of the fan’s airflow. The air transfers heat or cold into the room by passing through the radiator. In more complex air conditioning systems, it can additionally generate fresh air.

Chillers and fan coil services include the following works:

          • Check the fan for debris, vibration, and hardware condition.
          • Filter contamination check (clean, replace if necessary).
          • Heat exchanger corrosion control.
          • Check the terminals, wires and cable connections for damage.
          • Clean the drainage system.
          • Measurement analysis, troubleshooting.

The services of experts performing maintenance, diagnostics and repairs of air conditioning systems should be considered optimal. Only thanks to professional experience, modern technology and knowledge of equipment from various manufacturers, we can perform all works with the highest quality.

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