Popular agricultural machines

Popularne maszyny rolnicze

Popular agricultural machines – what is worth knowing? There is no doubt that modern, high-level agriculture also benefits from the latest technology. Farmers use a large number of machines every day. Some of them, big and small, have been with us for decades. However, some are completely new solutions.

Below is a list of the most popular agricultural machines on Polish farmlands. Find out what they are for and how they can make the work of farmers easier.

An incomparable classic – the tractor

These iconic agricultural machines, commonly known as tractors, can be found in every village. Without them, working on the farm, as well as many other activities, would be almost impossible and certainly more strenuous. Before their appearance, draft animals were used for various agricultural work. The first tractors left the Ursus factory as early as 1922, but in the 1970s and 1980s these agricultural machines became popular in Polish villages. They are used to move agricultural machines that do not have their own drive. Currently, modern machines are increasingly replacing older models on Polish farms.

Combine harvester – necessary for harvesting

A combine harvester is a very practical agricultural machine used mainly for harvesting cereals. It is used to mow, thresh and transport grain at the same time. Thanks to this, it will replace the old threshing machine and mower. In the 1960s and 1970s, the most common sighting in the field was the Vistula, which was replaced by Buffalo in the following decades and is still popular today. Combine harvesters are used not only for harvesting cereals, but they are also successfully used for harvesting potatoes. There are many improved combine harvesters on the market that are also used to cut beans, canola and corn. These very popular agricultural machines are characterized by low operating costs.

Seeder, i.e. sowing seeds quickly and efficiently

Another popular agricultural machine that makes farming easier is the planter. The first planters in Poland came into use in the 19th century to improve farm work. Horse seed drills were used after World War II and tractor seed drills were used in the 1960s. The models currently in use are precision seed drills and seed drills. Their use greatly facilitates agricultural work and allows for obtaining the desired uniformity of sown plants. This is very important not only for farmers running multi-hectare farms.

Hoe – necessary to fight weeds

Cultivators are agricultural machines used on farms and care must be taken to remove unnecessary weeds from large areas. These are very practical machines that, in addition to the function of weeding plants, allow you to take care of them. It is a relatively easy to build and ecological agricultural machine that can be use for loosening or covering ridges between rows.

Sprayer – a way to protect plants

Modern agriculture is an area of ​​the economy that could not exist without regular spraying. The use of appropriate plant protection products to control weeds, parasites and fungi is absolutely essential. That is why many people appreciate sprayers. The way these farm machines work is relatively simple, but essential for many farm managers. After connecting to the tractor, they are relatively light and compact, but they allow you to take care of the condition of the plants in a very comprehensive way.

Plow – an indispensable agricultural tool

Research shows that over 70% of Polish farms are equipped with plows. No wonder – it’s a very basic agricultural machine that works well for the most basic agricultural tasks. The main function of this device is standard soil fertilization. It is used, among other things, for crushing, loosening, turning and mixing the soil. These are the processes necessary to prepare the land for cultivation. Many types of plows are used in agriculture. We can find disc plows, traction plows, rotary plows and blades. There are many specialized plows on the market. Plows with skeleton formwork or pin protection can be successfully used for more complex tasks.

High-quality agricultural machinery is the basis for running a farm, regardless of its size. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and greater availability of the necessary equipment, today, even in small farms, the necessary work can be done quickly and efficiently. Agricultural machinery replaced draft animals and largely human labor and led to a massive modernization of Polish agriculture. Currently, we have access to more and more modern versions.

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