Moving to the countryside

Przeprowadzka na wieś

Moving to the countryside – more and more people decide to move from the city to the countryside. Most often it is done by people of retirement age or families with children. Of course, these modern villages are completely different from the old ones. Today, we more often talk about them as suburbs, where huge single-family housing estates are being built. Moving out of the city is not easy. Packing all your belongings, leaving your neighbors behind and living comfortably in an apartment is not easy. But we want to live in our own house with a big garden.

Build a house or buy a ready-made house?

Of course, before going to the countryside, you must first buy or build a house. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. When deciding to buy a house, we most often choose housing estates, and developers build up to several dozen identical buildings in even hutongs. Of course, not everyone likes it. We all need to stand out, and at the same time, no matter where we look, everything looks the same. In addition, developers often build houses on small plots, so if we want to have a larger garden, this is definitely not a solution for us. On the other hand, we have an existing house and we don’t have to worry about anything. We are not responsible for the construction team employed or for the work performed.

Building a house saves a lot of money. Thanks to the economical approach to construction, we managed to save a lot of money at every stage, which of course meant spending every free moment on the construction site. For this purpose, you must also book all public holidays and holidays. Let’s admit that not everyone knows about architecture, so it’s difficult for us to even supervise employees without specialist knowledge. Then there are problems with assembly or crooked walls, so it’s worth considering when building or buying a house at the beginning. In the case of architecture, we get a space that suits us perfectly, so it is a common choice. At the same time, we have a large garden at our disposal, which is our relaxation zone.

Everything has changed in the countryside

Speaking of moving , it turns out that we pack a lot into the apartment. However, after bringing it home, it turned out to be much easier to set it up in a larger space. It will make us more spacious and cozy. Outside the city, we enjoy the peace that awaits us in the countryside. We forget, however, that we also lose some amenities. Usually in the suburbs we have only one store, while in the cities we have easy access to various supermarkets. In the countryside, we do not have doctors or hairdressers and beauticians at hand. We have to drive our children to and from school. It often turns out that we have more responsibility.

There is also a communication problem. If we live in a trendy place with many residential areas, we must be aware that it will take us a long time to drive into the city in the morning. You have to get used to standing in traffic jams. Many people living in cities only use public transport, so we need to check our connections to our city before moving. If they’re not great, we’ll have to consider getting a second car so we can get around freely. Often, the first months of living in the countryside require us to develop new logistics. However, once we catch the rhythm and the first shock passes, we appreciate the peace, quiet and slow pace of life. Especially after working in a corporation, we appreciated the opportunity to spend a nice afternoon in the garden.

Living in harmony with nature

Many people decide to move to the countryside to start a greener life. Living in a city can be overwhelming not only with the pace of life, but also with noise and pollution levels. When choosing a village, we usually choose to grow our own crops. We want to grow vegetables and fruits in our home garden. The quality of our food makes us more willing to produce it ourselves. It’s not difficult, and it’s a great activity for the whole family. For a family of four, we do not need a huge garden, a small plot of land is enough to grow our favorite vegetables and fruits that we like to eat the most. At the first harvest, we appreciate their taste. In the countryside it is easier to notice the changes of the seasons and live in harmony with them.

The summer and spring period while living in your own home is most often spent outdoors. No problem setting up the pool to cool off on a hot day. In the evenings you can barbecue and spend long nights on the patio. In cities, we often have to walk, so we often lack fresh air. We sit in air-conditioned rooms all day, which leads to notorious headaches. Children who like to play outdoors will also love living in the countryside. They can spend their days outside inventing new games from time to time. For many, moving to the countryside is a wonderful new stage in life.

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