Real estate by the sea

Nieruchomości nad morzem

Real estate by the sea: the sea is a powerful asset and will always be extremely valuable to the nation. There are too many categories to look for an advantage to list them all. At the same time, the ocean is valuable from a tourist point of view. The powerful element of water has aroused admiration and interest for thousands of years. Beautiful views, the possibility of swimming or relaxing on the beach are all that attract attention.

Real estate located by the seaside is slightly different from real estate located in large cities in the middle of the country or in the mountains. This is a topic we’ll take a closer look at. Of course, the topic of waterfront homes can be thought of in terms. Another area is buying a rental, buying for your own needs or finding a place to take a week off. Let us briefly analyze each of these categories.

Buy apartments by the sea for rent

Real estate recently belongs to certain investment categories. Inflation poses a serious threat to household budgets and house prices continue to rise. This means the possibility of limiting losses and the problem of selling at a higher price than buying a flat in the future. You can also continue to earn by renting an apartment on a regular basis. Why is the sea such a valuable place from a rental perspective? Of course, this is due to the tourist values. This is a complex topic, and many factors can contribute to the attractiveness of an apartment for a landlord. The proximity of the sea, the appearance of nearby towns, available space or decorative issues are just a few examples in this category.

Seaside properties are characterized by tourist values, while guaranteeing that prices should be at least stable. At the same time, in the case of going abroad, the most common solution is short-term rental. This in turn leads directly to relatively high profits. All this proves the advantages of investing in an apartment by the sea. It doesn’t matter if we analyze the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea or almost any other sea.

Buy an apartment by the sea according to your needs

A completely different category is finding an apartment by the sea, which is not a form of investment, but a place where we live every day. In this case, we do not analyze the values ​​from the tourist’s point of view, but we consider what is really important to us. Many factors remain unchanged, which does not change the fact that a long-term analysis is required. After all, you can even spend your holidays at a campsite, but everyday life has other needs.

Seaside properties are also great for holiday homes. Even if they are not intended for tourists, they can be a very interesting solution. Especially for people who sometimes have to leave the city. The hybrid model is a great solution when we rent an apartment by the sea, but at the same time we regularly use it ourselves. However, this choice should be considered in the prudent disposition of the combined assets, and not just in business matters.

Rent an apartment by the sea from someone else

Another topic is finding an apartment by the sea. Of course, we can deal with relatively high prices. However, this does not change the fact that living by the sea can be an adventure of a lifetime. Whether it’s a short-term stay or a transitional state before buying a home in the future.

In this case, one of the main criteria is usually the distance from the sea. Especially for short stays, time is a valuable resource and we don’t want to waste it on unnecessary travel. In this case, location may be a more important factor than comfort. Of course, there are fewer and fewer, more beautiful and less attractive places on the beach. However, on the market there are many possibilities to rent very nice and well-located apartments by the sea at relatively low prices.


Poland has a relatively long coastline. However, this does not change the fact that the proximity of the Baltic Sea is valuable and automatically brings benefits unheard of in many parts of our country. Firstly, this is due to its exceptional tourist value. This, in turn, keeps the waterfront housing market vibrant. From the investor’s point of view, the proximity of the sea means, above all, the possibility of short-term rental. This, in turn, is associated with a chance for high profits.

Buying a flat for one’s own needs is a different category and in this case there are other needs. For example, proximity to the sea may not be so important anymore. Coastal properties are mainly relatively large buildings, which allows you to rent models consisting of apartments with single rooms. Finding an apartment for tourist purposes is a completely different field. Expectations vary depending on the form. Above all, however, the beachfront housing market is characterized by high activity and high demand.

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